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Ti-eS metronidazole gel is local antimicrobial which effectively kills anareob organism as the main cause of periodontitis. This antimicrobial (gel) is not use as monotherapy but as adjunctive therapy towards scaling and root planing (SRP) therapy. After 8 hours of application, metronidazole gel can reach 128 mg/mL concentration, which is as much as 100 times MIC (Minimum Inhibitory Concentration) from the most anareob bacteria with the minimum side effects of non oral, sensitivity, and resistance.
The use of metronidazole gel 25% as adjunctive therapy of SRP gives better clinical effects than using SRP only. Sometimes SRP therapy can not give maximum results due to the complexity of teeth anatomy, which makes it difficult for the instruments to access periodontal pocket. Thus, it limits the effectively of root planing.

The use of this gel into periodontal pocket has more advantages than systemic usage. Systemic usage needs high dosage to reach target area so that it may cause bigger side effects, such as sensitivity, problems of digestion and resistance. The local use only needs a very small dose so it will reduce bacterial resistance in the non oral area as well as minimize side effects.

The research done by Trijani Suwandi in Dental Journal, University of Indonesia 2003 : 10 shows that metronidazole gel 25% is able to do the followings :
• decrease the depth of the dental pocket - increase attachment
• reduce the risk of gingival bleeding
• minimize flap operation, non oral sensitivity and resistance
• be easy use and application
• be cheaper than similar products
Ti-eS metronidazole gel plusl is a combination of antimicrobial with analgetic which is very effective to cure any dental and mouth problems.

Metronidazole is very effective antimicrobial to kill any anaerob microorganism as the main cause of periodontitis, periodontal abscess, periapical abscess, and pericorontis.

Mefenamic acid can cure acute and chronic inflammation as well as relieve pain.
Metronidazole gel plus is a combination between metronidazole 25% with Mefenamic acid which can very effective to solve the following probelms :
• decrease periodontal pocket with the depth of 6 mm and increase attachment
• relieve pain and mucous inflammation, stomatitis, gingivitis, Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis, irritation of using protesha
• Acute Pericoronitis, periodontal and periapical abscess
• pulp capping on the deep caries
• stop bleeding and accelerate the healing after scaling root planing, incision, and operation
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